If you have seen any of our other blog post you know that we speak about SharePoint intranet very often. However, we are here today to help explain what an intranet service even is! What is SharePoint intranet? Well, that’s a great question! Let’s dive into understanding the intranet world.

Why would I need an intranet service? 

The intranet was created to act as a local and restricted communication network for a company’s internal affairs. The intranet is similar to the internet because it was created using World Wide Web software. A intranet software creates a hub for daily business processes within a company. The intranet can facilitate better communication and collaboration between employees and teams. However, many companies do not use their intranet to its greatest capacity and capabilities.

I get what an intranet is, but what’s SharePoint?

SharePoint is a intranet system that is bundled with Microsoft Office 365. SharePoint provides collaboration tools like content management and document storing. If you research SharePoint intranet you maybe confused by the many search results. Users can use on-premise SharePoint or SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online is very convenient because there is no need to install and deploy SharePoint on servers.

SharePoint is cool, but what features does it has? 

SharePoint provides mobile access for a better customer experience. Furthermore, SharePoint software has social networking tools and applications to help with even more collaboration. The easy to use collaboration tools allows for not only collaboration in one office building, but across the world. This increased collaboration makes it important that SharePoint can be used anywhere at anytime because employees maybe in different time zones.  The SharePoint Cloud helps make SharePoint easy to travel with allowing employees to take business on the go.

SharePoint’s ability for document storage is highly valued among users.  A cool aspect about SharePoint is that many third party companies can provide assistance and apps to help with document management.

Custom always feels special

Yep, your company intranet can be made custom just for your corporate needs. As we know one size does not fit all, and the same applies to your intranet! You can easily create your company intranet using templates and then cater it to however fits your company goals the best.

It all makes sense now.

Hopefully, you know more about the intranet and SharePoint from this article. Stay tuned for next week’s post to stay up to date on the newest intranet software news. If you believe that the many benefits of a corporate intranet will help you then contact us here.

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